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This site is meant to bring to life Italian American culture and history in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Through the lens of oral histories, visitors to this site will have the opportunity to learn more about the Italian American experience in Pittsburgh and its environs. In acquainting themselves with the Italian Americans featured on this site, visitors will see abstract facets of Italian American culture and history come to life through the prism of personal memory. This prism of personal memory is further enhanced by the presence of digitized photographs and objects that are directly linked to the oral histories featured on this site.

This site is made possible by the memories of Italian Americans who have called Pittsburgh their home for over 100 years.  These memories, along with many other artifacts and archival materials, form the Italian American Collection at the Senator John Heinz History Center.  For more information on this collection and the continuing initiatives to promote the dissemination of the oral histories that comprise this collection, see the "Learn More" page.

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A note on copyright: Access to the digitized material utilized for this online exhibit is permitted for noncommercial, educational, and research purposes only.  We are willing to hear from any copyright owners who are not properly identified so that appropriate information may be obtained and provided to users.  Upon request, we will remove material from public view while we address a rights issue.  For more information, please contact sgreen@heinzhistorycenter.org.